Mr. Cat

Pig cat

white pig... ups white cat

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  2. # Blogger Cris

    very nice blog, I love cats!  

  3. # Blogger Fruity Ana

    How adorable! I wish one of my kitties would let me dress them up, ehehehe...But I fear the claws a bit too much to even try :)  

  4. # Anonymous Blend

    Excellent blog! very adorable kitties......  

  5. # Blogger ObeyThePurebreed

    This kitty is part of a top secret swine surveillance program. After reading "Animal Farm," It haz come to chairman meow's attention that there may be a subversive element in the pig population.

    Please do not expose these well disguised kittehs anymore!  

  6. # Blogger Laila

    Awww so cute...That cat is so cute in its costume...I love that costume...I better buy my kero that pic cat costume...^_^

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  7. # Blogger Bruce

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