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Cute white kitten standing next to the folwers

white kitten

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American Shorthair

American Shorthair kitten

Breed Classification: Shorthaired

American Shorthair is very intelligent cat, they prefer toys that challenge their hunting and chasing instincts. They are well known for developing devoted attachment to their owners. These cats make excellent pets because of their gentle affectionate nature

Color: Solid colors, bi-colors, tortoiseshell or calico and tabby. The most popular American Shorthair color is the silver tabby. Eye color may be gold, copper, green, hazel, blue, or odd-eyed (each eye is a different color).

American Shorthair face

Life Span: 15-18 years

Average Litter Size: 6

Grooming Requirements: These are low maintenance cats. Their short, dense coat need to be combed two or three times a week to remove dead hair.

Social skills: Gets along very well with other pets.

Energy Level: Moderately active, these cats adjust easily to family lifestyle.

Suitability for Children:
They love children and are very gentle with them, even with small disrespectful kids.

Health: Very healthy cats.

Shedding: Moderate

Not very vocal. Their meows are very pleasant sounding.

Cause Allergies:
Doesn't have any

American Shorthair cat

American Shorthair cat

Cat Wallpaper #24

cat friends

Free cat wallpaper

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Drunk kitten

A poor little kitty got drunk!

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