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Abyssinian cat

Breed Classification: Exotic

Personality: Intelligent and curious but not mischievous. Very loyal and attached to its family. Freedom-loving, not a lap cat. Abyssinian cats love to perch on your shoulder and they love water.

Colors: Ruddy, red, blue and cream, with each individual hair ticked. A perfect specimen should be entirely free from tabby markings.

Other Names: Abys, Bunny cat

Life Span: 9-15 years

Average Litter Size: 6

Grooming Requirements: Occasional brushing and bath.

Social skills: Adjusts well to other household animals.

Energy Level: High. Not suited for someone who is looking for a cat with a low activity level.

Suitability for Children: Good with children.

Health: Healthy and active.

Shedding: Little

Noisiness: Not particularly vocal.

Cause Allergies: None

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